GASP downloads 

The latest version of GASP is 0.3.3

1. Debian Packages

For Ubuntu and Debian-based linux distributions (versions 9.04+ and "squeeze"+, respectively) GASP can be downloaded as any other package through the terminal: (or via this link)
sudo apt-get install python-gasp
If you are running a older version of the operating system or wish to use the most recent version of GASP, enter the following APT line using synaptic:
deb jaunty main # GASP PPA
This PPA works with any Ubuntu version after Ubuntu 9.04 and any Debian system running Python 2.6 or later.

2. RedHat RPMs

RPMs are avalible that should work on any RedHat/Fedora based system. They can be downloaded from or installed from the extra repository in Fedora. Note that the repositories may not contain the latest version of GASP. For the most recent version, see

3. Microsoft Windows

The latest version of GASP does not run on Windows, due to unfortunate implementation details. In the meantime, you can use older versions of GASP from the 0.2.x series. Install PyGame, then download and install the 0.2.0beta1 GASP package. Assistance with porting the 0.3.x series is appreciated, email the mailing list if you can help.

4. easy_install (all platforms)

If any of the above installations didn't work for you, you can install setuptools, and then use easy_install as follows: 
easy_install gasp

5. Use the Source, Luke.

The source can be downloaded from