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#3658 1 XOs (and all icons) in Neighborhood should reposition smoothly sugar 9.1.0-cancelled defect marco new 09/20/07
#4662 1 DataStore loses metadata between reboots sugar-datastore 9.1.0-cancelled defect tomeu reopened 11/05/07
#5138 1 some activity icons hard to see in journal resume/start palette journal-activity 9.1.0-cancelled defect Eben new 11/27/07
#5228 1 launching activities is slow sugar 9.1.0-cancelled defect tomeu new 11/30/07
#5561 1 No way to set clock w/o internet access. sugar 9.1.0-cancelled defect marco new 12/19/07
#6125 1 Nick name is not composed sugar 9.1.0-cancelled defect marco new 01/21/08
#6454 1 News Reader Activity does not open browser in update.1 news-activity (penguintv) 9.1.0-cancelled defect ywwg reopened 02/13/08
#7765 1 Reset registration for school server; long term fix sugar not specified 9.1.0-cancelled defect erikos new 08/01/08
#8050 1 cerebro spins endlessly when "extreme power managment" turns off wifi cerebro not specified 9.1.0-cancelled defect ypod new 08/19/08
#8121 1 There is a point when launching new activities fills up mem, makes system crawl to a freeze, and only solution is to power down sugar not specified 9.1.0-cancelled defect marco new 08/23/08
#3796 -1 Need to be able to resume downloads browse-activity Future Release enhancement marco new 09/25/07
#4867 -1 Way to create an html page from scratch browse-activity Future Release defect erikos new 11/13/07
#3297 0 We don't take a photo at first boot. sugar Future Release enhancement dcbw new 09/10/07
#5888 1 Browse fails to recognize /home/olpc plugin browse-activity Future Release defect erikos new 01/07/08
#5623 1 Can't change table width write-activity (abiword) Future Release defect godiard new 12/21/07
#4917 3 Initial Terminal keyboard focus terminal-activity Development source as of this date Future Release defect edsiper new 11/14/07
#5989 5 Need way to adjust font size globaly for visualy impared distro Future Release enhancement jg new 01/12/08
#1310 7 Handheld mode: rotation, activity switching, and key-map interface-design None Future Release task Eben reopened 04/08/07
#6000 1 Browse's 'download completed' should auto-dismiss after sometime interface-design Future Release defect Eben new 01/14/08
#6140 1 can start multiple activity instances by accident, and loose resumed edits journal-activity Development build as of this date Future Release defect tomeu new 01/22/08
#6183 1 Error when loading bundles pass unnoticed at startup. sugar Q2D07 Future Release defect tomeu new 01/24/08
#7663 1 Images should be optional in browse browse-activity Build 703 Future Release defect humitos assigned 07/26/08
#3531 1 After creative commons liblicense (licensing integration) add search by license capability journal-activity Future Release enhancement Eben new 09/17/07
#6410 1 state not synced when shared camera-activity Future Release enhancement erikb new 02/12/08
#7875 1 Add CONFIG_LATENCYTOP to kernel config kernel Development build as of this date Future Release enhancement dilinger new 08/08/08
#4452 2 Script for network information display for next build distro Future Release enhancement yani new 10/25/07
#5451 1 Beat XP in boot time. distro Future Release defect bernie new 12/11/07
#5427 1 Switching between new pieces doesn't update the description window tamtam-activity Future Release defect Nat new 12/10/07
#4259 1 Differential upgrades are too big distro Future Release defect cscott new 10/16/07
#2430 1 Datastore should retain file meta data sugar-datastore Future Release defect tomeu new 07/24/07
#9345 1 xo2 keyboard layout concept keyboards not specified Gen2 enhancement sayamindu new 06/14/09
#1035 2 need a delete key keyboards None Gen2 defect walter new 03/10/07
#6923 1 Use a more commonly available DC Jack for 12V input hardware Gen2 defect wad new 04/23/08
#6251 0 Meaningfully differentiate the Journal from other activities. sugar Opportunity enhancement marco new 01/29/08
#5181 1 Create a 25-minute Native-code Porting Recipe distro Opportunity enhancement jg new 11/28/07
#8410 1 Improve useability and usefulness of sd/sdhc cards distro not specified Opportunity defect reopened 09/10/08
#7042 1 sugar-launch uses odd substring match. sugar Development build as of this date Opportunity defect marco new 05/20/08
#4584 1 Symlinks are not preserved in .xo bundles sugar Opportunity defect AlbertCahalan new 11/01/07
#907 1 Provide a way to run "unsugarized" applications under sugar... distro None Opportunity defect ebf assigned 02/20/07
#4325 2 joyride-latest upgrade utility Opportunity enhancement cscott new 10/19/07
#2954 3 Cursor should hide in handheld mode sugar Opportunity enhancement xelapond new 08/21/07
#1 17 There isn't a laptop in the hands of every child infrastructure None None defect nn new 06/14/06
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