{28} Immediate and Secondary 8.2.0 Blockers (3 matches)

8.2.0 blockers and the bugs which block them.

Note 1: A bug X which blocks two different bugs Y and Z will legitmately appear twice on this list.

Note 2: Click the column-names to resort this report!

Id Next_action Blocking Owner Component Keywords Summary Modified Time
#7637 finalize None erikos sugar blocks:8.2.0 joyride-2330:+ r+ Date & Time panel not actually changing timezone 01/10/09 11:50:52
#6930 test in build 4265 dgilmore distro shipped activities need to be audited for licensing information 09/09/08 20:47:23
#4265 unknown None cscott distro blocks:8.2.0 OLPC needs to comply with the GPL 11/16/08 04:26:25
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