{29} Proposed 8.2.0 Blockers (4 matches)

Proposed 8.2.0 blockers and the bugs which block them.

Note 1: A bug X which blocks two different bugs Y and Z will legitmately appear twice on this list.

Note 2: Click the column-names to resort this report!

Id Next_action Blocking Owner Component Keywords Summary Modified Time
#5501 reproduce None sjoerd telepathy-salut relnote 8.2-762:- blocks?:8.2.0 XOs vanishing/reappearing/flashing in the mesh view is related to avahi losing its cache of hosts 09/30/08 11:42:26
#8206 diagnose None marco sugar 8.2-757:- polish:8.2.0 blocks?:8.2.0 os.fork() [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory 09/23/08 21:53:08
#8552 never set None mstone distro blocks?:8.2.0 8.2-762:- joyride-2456:- olpc-updated joyride-2456, X crashes on start 09/24/08 17:34:30
#8641 test in release None bdoin gcompris-activities blocks?:8.2.0 GCompris activities under 763 do not work 09/30/08 13:45:22
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