{30} 8.2.0 Polish (31 matches)

8.2.0 polish and the bugs which block them.

Note 1: A bug X which blocks two different bugs Y and Z will legitmately appear twice on this list.

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Id Next_action Blocking Owner Component Keywords Summary Modified Time
#8388 diagnose None erikos browse-activity polish:8.2.0 browsers don't recognize .au type 09/10/08 15:46:08
#8221 test in release None cscott distro polish:8.2.0 csafor8.2 We need better Arabic fonts 09/25/08 18:18:45
#7602 qa signoff None joe distro polish:8.2.0 Activity startup as fast as 8.1 08/20/08 18:14:13
#7601 never set None mstone distro polish:8.2.0 Boot time for 8.2 should be at least as fast as 8.1 08/20/08 18:13:32
#7900 code None mstone initscripts polish:8.2.0 Reduce beacon frequency 09/28/08 14:44:34
#7812 reproduce None dgilmore initscripts polish:8.2.0 Rebooting XO running joyride-2230 and 8.2-759 results in "hard stop" 10/09/08 07:02:17
#7993 design None tomeu journal-activity joyride-2301 blocks-:8.2.0 polish:8.2.0 relnote Journal unmount broken - dataloss n vfat 09/02/08 16:50:47
#6800 test in release None tomeu journal-activity r+ blocks-:8.2.0 polish:8.2.0 Journal window should be mirrored in RTL locales 09/11/08 16:44:35
#7981 design None dsaxena kernel polish:8.2.0 cjbfor8.2 csafor8.2 EC mask setting is inefficient 11/28/08 20:30:58
#6280 review None sayamindu keyboards accents unicode dead key polish:8.2.0 Keyboard creates non-standard accents 09/21/08 21:56:07
#8302 diagnose None cscott not assigned polish:8.2.0 Does directory /home/cscott belong on my XO ? 09/04/08 17:09:51
#8355 package None cjb not assigned cjbfor8.2 polish:8.2.0 ohmd leaks sockets when X restarts 09/10/08 13:32:44
#8443 design None cjb power manager (OHM) blocks-:8.2.0 polish:8.2.0 cjbfor8.2 relnote Battery Percentage doesn't update until minutes after resume 08/23/09 07:27:10
#7913 code None dsd record-activity polish:8.2.0 Record should inhibit suspend 08/20/08 18:15:34
#8626 test in release None marco sugar r+ polish:8.2.0 Icons overlap unnecessarily in crowded neighborhood view. 09/25/08 18:25:53
#6599 code None marco sugar polish:8.2.0 update.1 build doesn't freeze dcon when shutting down 08/25/08 04:53:42
#7876 code None tomeu sugar blocks-:8.2.0 polish:8.2.0 r+ Double clicking an Activity in the Home view, or Journal causes 2 instances to launch 10/01/08 11:33:54
#8423 communicate None marco sugar relnote, polish:8.2.0 The freeform view leaks an icon on every move 08/23/09 07:29:41
#8000 design None marco sugar performance UI polish:8.2.0 Pulsing icon on activity launch significantly slows activity start-up 08/25/08 12:16:42
#4001 diagnose None erikos sugar polish:8.2.0 Title not set correctly when copy to clipboard from journal for some items 08/25/08 05:15:48
#7990 diagnose None marco sugar joyride-2301 polish:8.2.0 sugar-control-panel - blocks frame operation? 08/26/08 15:08:43
#8206 diagnose None marco sugar 8.2-757:- polish:8.2.0 blocks?:8.2.0 os.fork() [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory 09/23/08 21:53:08
#8242 diagnose None tomeu sugar polish?:8.2.0 Get error when quit from viewing screenshot 09/15/08 05:34:15
#3993 finalize None mtd sugar polish:8.2.0 r+ The color of network icon in Home view becomes white after restarting Sugar. 08/23/09 05:59:48
#7987 test in release None Eben sugar polish:8.2.0 r+ Home view XO icon palette for Control Panel has wrong icon 09/22/08 20:08:09
#8432 test in release None erikg sugar screenshot polish:8.2.0 r+ to improve activity switching performance only take screenshots on activity save and close 09/22/08 20:08:24
#6995 code 3993 mtd sugar polish:8.2.0 blocks-:8.2.0 cjbfor9.1.0 Add a mesh device to the frame and remove mesh devices from Neighborhood view 05/25/11 15:12:10
#8079 never set None teefal totem-player polish:8.2.0 The Totem plugin's seek control doesn't work on first play of a URL. 08/28/08 13:45:22
#7943 never set None teefal totem-player polish:8.2.0 totem playback should inhibit ohm 08/20/08 18:16:16
#7865 never set None cscott upgrade utility polish:8.2.0? Download size: 14.5 MB still shown after software update completed 08/16/08 09:28:58
#7957 never set None jg x window system polish:8.2.0 X performance as good as in 8.1 08/21/08 13:27:17
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