Future features will be listed here. As we start planning the next milestones we will move things from here to the designated release and continue to move this 'due' date out.


  • Fast boot (kernel no longer in main partition)


  • Journal Versioning (if not complete)
  • Journal timeline
  • Search sharing
  • Multiple IPs on one interface


  • Activity container lock down (this may be broken down into smaller steps)
  • Bentham (mfg tracking db) Web interface for Deployment and Support
  • Automatic (forced) School server updates

School Server:

  • School Server web interface for XO and content management
  • Trickle cache


  • Mesh view user-defined groups

No one is working on these right now.

This is a place to put ideas that are opportunities for people to help; fun projects, needed projects that no one has claimed for their own.

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