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Better description for lid switches test

Reported by: sridhar Owned by: Quozl
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When testing the XO hardware, users are frequently tripping up on the lid switches test.

Right now, the text on the screen says this:

Testing /switches
Activate lid switch

This is where our users get stumped: "what is a lid switch?" If they work out that they need to close the lid, when are they allowed to open it again?

The next message is also problematic:

Activate ebook switch

What does this mean? When can the XO be taken out of e-book mode?

How about we make the messages look more like this?

Testing /switches
Close the lid and open after 2 seconds
Swivel the screen and close it into ebook mode

List discussion.

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These tests were primarily designed for a motherboard test jig in factory that has no lid to close, so the wording will now vary between factory and field test, depending on the value of the TS tag.

Fixed in svn 3548.

Sample output:

Please close the lid and then open it.
Thank you.

Please rotate the lid to face away, and close it face up.
Thank you.

Please lift the display and rotate it to face you.
Thank you.

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Is in Q7B16.

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I've tested with Q4D24 and this message string is not present. I have not tested with XO-1.5 and XO-1. Perhaps this could be expanded to include all versions XOs to remain consistent across all platforms?

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Space in the SPI FLASH for XO-1.75 is very limited, and the messages take up a lot of room given their frequency of use, but I shall look into it.

XO-1 has never had a lid switch test, but it does have the lid down detection and power-off feature in Open Firmware. Testing of XO-1 is also very limited, so I'm loath to make such a change unless good testing can be promised.

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Is in Q4D27 and later for XO-1.75. Please upgrade to Q4D29 or later.

Is in Q3C11 and later for XO-1.5. Please upgrade to Q3C14 or later.

Fixed in svn 3659. Please test build q2f17je.rom and get back to me here. If independent testing occurs before Monday, I shall propose it for 13.2.0.

Test cases:

  • the new test /switches functions in the same way as later models,
  • menu functions correctly with the new test,
  • boots Linux,
  • does not shutdown at ok prompt unless lid is actually closed,
  • lid-off prevents automatic shutdown at ok prompt.

For XO-1 the changes were:

  • addition of a switches device tree node and driver, backporting the feature to the different method of switch connection via the embedded controller, cpu/x86/pc/olpc/switches.fth,
  • reintegration of the driver with the lid close at ok prompt detection,
  • loading of said driver, cpu/x86/pc/olpc/fw.bth,
  • addition of an icon to the dropin, cpu/x86/pc/olpc/olpc.bth,
  • addition of the entry in the test menu, cpu/x86/pc/olpc/testitems.fth,

Size impacts on XO-1:

  • dictionary pointer moved 1248 bytes,
  • icon cost 2265 bytes,
  • total cost 9184 bytes,
  • remaining space 20672 bytes.

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Has passed my tests over three weeks, adding to next release.

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Is in Q2F18.

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Is in build 9.

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