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Firmware revision signature

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Quanta has asked about firmware release number signatures in FLASH.

Their standard is to use FLASH locations fffc0..fffcf for a signature line that includes the board rev number and firmware release number details below). If at all possible, they would like to use the same location and format for OLPC, as they have a lot of personnel who expect to find the info there.

Those locations appear to be unused in the LB build I'm working with, so I can't think of any reason not to accomodate them.


Here's the format:

At offset f.ffc0 in FLASH:
BW2   Q1A82  Q1A
------.....  ---
  |     |     |
  |     |     |---First 3 characters of revision
  |     |
  |     |---Revision
  |--- Model

Revision is:

Q - Manufacturer, i.e. Quanta
1 - board revision number
A - Major firmware revision
82- Minor firmware revision

Change History

Changed 8 years ago by mfoster

Hi, Mitch!

This is the normal location for the manufacturer's string in PC BIOSes. Ship it!

Cheers! MarkF

Changed 8 years ago by wmb@…

Everybody seems to think this is a good idea, so I have copied the description to the new "Firmware Release Procedures" page on the internal wiki.

Changed 8 years ago by hai

Could you maybe reserve three digits (with leading zeros) for the firmware minor revision number? That way, comparing build revisions for age would be a lot simpler (only string comparison) and wouldn't require any special purpose code.

Changed 8 years ago by wmb@…

Ray says (in response to the suggestion of 3 digits with leading 0s):

Actually there are always two digits in minor firmware revision. We will have "A01", not "A1 ". Two digits could be enough and also easy manipulated.

Changed 8 years ago by wmb@…

Ray says:

Mitch, CL1 Q2A11 Q2A [for the upcoming release]

Let me explain our ISO sequence: Qxxxx First x: 1 for A test, 2 for B test, 3 for C test Second x: A~Z: milestone Third x: 1~9: change when test team release to customer, manufacture (outside R&D) Forth x: 1~9: change when sw team release to test team.(inside R&D)

Take EC as example: Q1A11 when sw team release to test team. Test team find some problems, can not relase out Q1A12 when sw team fix the problem and release to test team again Test team test OK, and release out

Next version sw team release will be Q1A21

As I mentioned we will use file name to distinguish the release.

EC release will be PQ1A21.bin (Leading by P) BIOS release will be BQ2A11.bin (leading by B)

Ray Tseng 10/18/06

Changed 8 years ago by wmb@…

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Fixed in firmware Q2A11.

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