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Record does not release sound device

Reported by: mchua Owned by: dsd
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Component: record-activity Version: Update.1
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Record continues to use the speakers while it is not in focus, even after it has finished playing a recording. This prevents other Activities from using the speakers (until the Record activity has been focused upon with the sound output stopped).

To reproduce:

  1. Open Record.
  2. Record a fairly long stream of sound (~1 minute - enough to allow you to do several actions while it's playing).
  3. Play the sound you've just recorded.
  4. While the sound is playing, do things that remove the focus from the Record program, and notice that your sound continues to play in the background. For example, go back into Home view, start some other Activities... heck, start some musical Activities... you can even open up another Record session and record another sound file while the first sound file you recorded is still playing.
  5. Also note that even after the recording has finished playing, you will not be able to get any other Activity to make a sound until you bring back the focus to the original Record instance again, then back to the other Activity you are trying to play sound from. (Example: While Record is playing, open TamTamJam and try to play music; you shouldn't be able to. While still keeping the focus on TamTamJam, wait for the recording to stop, then try to play music again. You shouldn't be able to. Now put the focus back on Record, then back into TamTamJam. You should now be able to play music.)

Contrast this to the behavior of other audio-producing programs (for instance, open TamTamJam and start a loop playing by hitting the '0' key). When they aren't the focused activity, they cease audio output. (In other words, while the TamTamJam loop is playing, hit the 'Home' key to go to Home view, and notice that the music stops - and resumes when you zoom back into the program.)

Is this intended behavior? I note that other tickets report similar behavior in other Activities as a bug, e.g. #6308 (Browse) and #5111 (Memorize).

This could be a problem when children are trying to (for example) transcribe audio from Record into other programs, say TamTamEdit, and hear whether the output from the second program matches what they're trying to create.

Tested on build 703, Record version 54.

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