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Speakers not released properly when running multiple instances of TamTam

Reported by: mchua Owned by: Nat
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Component: tamtam-activity Version: Update.1
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Tested with build 703, TamTamEdit 47, TamTamJam 48, TamTamMini 46, and TamTamSynthLab 48.

In a nutshell:

  • You can have more than one TamTam Activity running simultaneously (as expected)
  • You can only hear output from one running TamTamActivity at a time (as expected)
  • BUT if you have TamTam Activities running simultaneously, only the instance that was started first will be able to output sound at all - even after this first TamTam Activity is stopped, the remaining running TamTam instances cannot output sound from the speaker when they have full focus.

In other words, in order to output sound, a TamTam Activity must be the only running TamTam activity at the time it is started.

In the examples below, TamTamA and TamTamB are TamTam Activities - for instance, TamTamA could be TamTamJam and TamTamB could be TamTamSynthLab, vice versa, both could be TamTamJam, etc...

To reproduce:

  1. Start TamTamA. Note that it can play music.
  2. While TamTamA is still running, start TamTamB. Note that TamTamB can't play music.
  3. Close TamTamA.
  4. Note that TamTamB still can't play music (until you close and restart TamTamB).

This appears to be peculiar to the TamTam Activities so far - it doesn't matter which TamTam Activity is used, or in which order they're started. Furthermore, TamTam + other audio activities (example: Record) or a pair of non-TamTam audio activities (example: 2 instances of Record) do not exhibit this behavior.

As a scenario, imagine you're a child who's composing music who wants to switch between multiple music programs at once - maybe something in TamTamSynthLab inspires you to change a passage in something you've previously composed in TamTamEdit. Having to start and stop one TamTam program before moving on to another effectively prevents you from doing this.

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