One Laptop Per Child: Development site

OLPC is a non-profit association dedicated to developing a low power, low cost, robust laptop and tablet that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children.

Our general project wiki is at -- the site you're currently browsing is ONLY for bug tracking, and source code.

Reporting bugs

  • If you have not yet done so, create an account by registering for one, so that you'll get e-mail when your ticket is updated,
  • then login to your account,
  • then create a ticket,
  • and stay in touch as others contribute to your ticket.
    • The Owner (Assign to: or reassign to:) entry may be set to one of the Trac usernames.
    • The Cc: entry may contain a comma-separated list of usernames or e-mail addresses to notify.
  • See reporting bugs for some hints on filing tickets.

If you can verify that the problem is to do with Sugar alone, and nothing to do with the XO at all, then report a bug in the Sugar Labs bug tracker.

Queries and reports

Source browsing

Project hosting

We provide hosting and infrastructure services for OLPC-related projects. See project hosting for details.

Translations of hosted projects occur in our Pootle translation system.

Mailing Lists mailing lists cover a wide variety of topics.


Trac conventions are discussed on our wiki.


Trac ticket workflow is discussed in detail.

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