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Last updated Wed Dec 10 23:55:02 -0500 2008.

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No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiEdublog     Educational Blogging Project
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wiki3dpong     3D pong game
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiMIDI-file-player     performs MIDI files
6 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiassimilate     A flashcards based activity with a constructivist touch
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiaudio-loop-remixer     perform audio loops
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibridge     Physics03
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikibundleactivity    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicandy     Automated python tutor
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiclkids     Software de comprensión de lectura
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiclock     A clock activity to learn how to tell time
2 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikicolors     painting activity
8 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiconozco-uruguay    
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicsndsugui     toolkit for the development of custom
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicsound-editor     view, edit and perform Csound files
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikidepartamentos     A small python/gtk educational game
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikidevelop     New develop activity
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiepaati     Squeak-based classroom learning activities
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiepals     Pen pal and project activity
5 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikififtytwo     A set of card games
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikifirefox-activity     Firefox 3 activity packaging.
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikifoodforce2     Food Force 2: Escaping poverty, game based on WFP work.
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikifunnytalk     Record and alter voice with effects
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikigambiarra     Incredible Machine-like game
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikigambit    
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikigcompris     numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikihelp     OLPC Help activity
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiimagetosound    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiimplode     Falling-block puzzle game
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiinfoslicer     quickly and easily select web-based content to edit, package, and distribute as teaching materials
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiinstrument-player     a variety of instruments to perform
7 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiisis     interactive fiction authoring system for the XO
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilab     A scientific analysis and interface activity
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilarry     RPG that teaches foreign language vocabulary
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikimastergoal     Board strategy game inspired on soccer and
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikimastermind    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimaze     A multiplayer maze game
0 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikimodel     An activity for System Dynamics modeling
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikimoon     Displays current Moon phase
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikinewsreader     PenguinTV-based RSS reader
6 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikinumpty-physics     A drawing puzzle game with a physics engine
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-contrib     A collection of CLI scripts to aide in the G1G1 deployment
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics     A 2D Physics playground for kids -- get source -- git clone git://dev.laptop.org/activities/physics
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikipicker     Lightweight system and processes statistics (cpu/mem/io) gatherer
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiplaygo     Go game activity
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikipoetryjam     Magnetic poetry activity
7 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiquake-terminal     Sugar persistent terminal
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikireadetexts     Read ETexts Activity
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikirecord     Photo/audio/video recording activity
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisimplerpg    
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikisnakeladder     Counting game for multiple players
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikisocialcalc     spreadsheet activity
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikispeak     A face that speaks text out loud
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikistopwatch     Stopwatch activity
7 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitabletui     activity for exploring user
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitalkntype     A spelling game using speech synthesis.
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitime     Time telling activity
1 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikityping-turtle     Typing tutor for OLPC laptop
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikityping-turtle-game     A typing turtle game activity developed with PyGTK+ for XO
6 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiview-slides     Activity for viewing a series of
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikix2o    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixo-lambda     XO-Lambda is a simple Lisp interpreter for the OLPC XO-1
7 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikixoirc     xoirc, IRC Client activity
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixomail     Email activity
11 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiartwork     OLPC GTK+ theme and improvements, and software artwork
6 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibios-crypto     BIOS cryptography bits
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikibootmenu     OLPC ROM User Interface
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikibundle-builder    
4 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikichat-activity     Chat activity for Sugar
20 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiebook-browser-reader     Browser-based JavaScript eBook reader
23 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikient     ent tree manager
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikigeode     AMD Geode processor tree
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikigeode-perf     A performance test framework, and alternative implementations being tested for high use routines often used in libc (e.g. memcopy, strcmp, etc.).
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikigeode-vsa     Geode VSA
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikihardware-manager     D-BUS daemon controlling the DCON
0 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikijournal-activity     Journal activity
5 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikirelease-8.1     OLPC Kernel for 8.1.x release, based on Linux 2.6.22
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikirelease-8.2     OLPC Kernel for 8.2.x release, based on Linux 2.6.25
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikicontent-repo     Content repository submission code
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilibrary-activity     Scripts used by the content library
18 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiweb-content     Content library activity
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicartoon-builder     Cartoon Builder
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiflipsticks     MaMaMedia Flipsticks Activity
5 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikijigsaw-puzzle     Jigsaw Puzzle
8 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikijoke-machine     MaMaMedia Joke Machine Activity
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimamamedia-activity-center     MaMaMedia Activity Center
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimamamedia-teacher-center     MaMaMedia Teacher Center
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikipoll-builder     Simple poll tool
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikislider-puzzle     Slider Puzzle
8 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikistory-builder     Graphical story constructor
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikimtd     Memory Technology Device tree mirror
0 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-2.6     OLPC combined feature kernel tree
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiprojects    
6 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiEduBlog    
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiPlayGo     The ancient game of Go
17 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiSRMulticast     Scalable Reliable Multicast
23 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiabiword-embed     Embedded Abiword
8 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiacoustic-measure-activity     Acoustic Tape Measure Activity
5 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikianalyze-activity     Analyze activity (console viewer)
14 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibarcode     Barcode reader for pubkey exchange in digital introduction
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiblock-party-activity     Tetris clone activity
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibuildtools     Build tools.
19 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibundle-vault     Bundle repository devtree.
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikibundlemaker     Creating a content bundle
17 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibundlemgr     Content bundle management webapp
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicalc     Calculator activity
2 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikicalculate     Calculate
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicclicensing     Activity to explain CC licensing
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiceibal-scripts     Local scripts for OLPC in Uruguay (project CEIBAL)
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicerebro     Provide scalable presence information
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicolingoxo     Constructivist language learning
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicomic-maker     build comic strips
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiconfigsys     prototype new config system
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiconnect-activity     Connect Four activity
18 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicsound    
23 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicsound-demos     A collection of demos of csound capabilities
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicsoundserver     Csound Server provides a network based interface to Csound
7 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikidatastore     OLPC datastore backend.
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikideducto-activity     Deducto
20 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikidevelop-activity     Development activity/ view source editor
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikidobject     Active data structures for automatic coherent collaboration
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikidosemu     DOS Emulation support for XO.
14 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiedukt     Content Multimedia Builder
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikietoys     OLPC Etoys authoring environment
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikievince-olpc     Evince viewer with OLPC/Sugar embedding
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikifai-config     FAI configuration for school server
12 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikifedora-xo     effort to make Fedora run on the XO
13 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikigadget     Jabber server extension for activity indexing
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikigames-misc     OLPC game collection
18 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikigeode-aes     Userspace interface to AES accelerator on Geode LX
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikigmail-activity     GMail launcher
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikihellomesh     An activity to demo the use of tubes
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikihippo-xlib     Experimental Hippocanvas port to xlib via cairo
11 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikihulahop     Gecko embedding widget based on pyxpcom
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiidly-develop     A proof of concept for multilingual programming
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiidmgr     Identity management for school servers
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiimage-builder     Generate Quanta filesystem img from customization key contents.
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiitv     Interactive Television with realtime audio/video, graphics and text
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikijamendoplaylists     A python script to generate .xo1 content bundles from Jamendo playlists
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikijukebox-activity     Jukebox activity
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikikuku     Educational quiz tutorial
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikileases     Activation lease verification code.
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikilibrary-common     no description provided
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikilinux-mm-cc     Compressed cache for Linux
20 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilinuxbios    
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilisten-spell     learn new words, improve their vocabulary and pronunciation of words
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilivebackup-xo-cd     Live-CD build based on the LiveBackup Framework
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilivecd-data     Data about XS liveCD
7 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikilog-activity     Log viewer activity
8 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikimeasure     Measure Activity
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikimemorygame     Memory game (also known as Concentration)
6 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimemphis     Memory usage tool for developers via Summer of Code
17 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimfgtrack     Manufacturing tracking system
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimicropolis-activity     GPL city-construction game
2 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikimocktools     RPM and repo-building tools installed on mock.laptop.org.
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikioficina     Oficina
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiohm     OLPC Open Hardware Manager code.
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-bundler     olpc-bundler
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-contents     Contents manifest tools for directory trees and incremental rsync.
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-netutils     OLPC-specific user-land network software
5 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-sudo     Simple wrapper for su.
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-update     OLPC update/upgrade utility.
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-utils     OLPC-specific binaries included in the image builds.
7 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpcflash    
14 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpcmusic     Applications developed by students under Prof. Barry Vercoe
2 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpcquotes     cleverness
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiopenec     Open implementation for the firmware controlling the EC on the XO
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiourstories     Story recording/sharing activity
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics01     Physics01
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics02    
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics04     Physics04
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics05     Physics05
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics06     Physics06
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics07     Physics07
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics08     Physics08
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics09     Physics09
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics10     Physics10
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics11     Physics11
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics12     Physics12
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics13     Physics13
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics14     Physics14
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics15     Physics15
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics16     Physics16
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics17     Physics17
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics18     Physics18
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics19     Physics19
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiphysics20     Physics20
13 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikipilgrim     Pilgrim branches for customized builds.
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikipippy-activity     Pippy, an activity for programming in Python
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikipootle     repository for laptop.org PO files
21 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikipoppler-python    
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikipower     Power measurement scripts
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikipresence-service     Presence service for Sugar
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiproductive     Simplified Real Time Strategy Game
23 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikipyltc     Python bindings for LibTomCrypt
12 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiqa-scripts     Testing setup/data-collection scripts
2 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiread-activity     OLPC PDF viewer
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikireleng     weka/xo-build mash scripts
17 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikirgbpaint     Paint program
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiscreen-reader     The project aims to develop a global screen reading service for the xo. A user can highlight text and use a keyboard shortcut and or a button in the sugar environment to perform text to speech synthesis.
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisharedstate     Extensible framework for developing shared activities
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisimcity-activity     EA-licensed GPL city-construction game
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikisoc-acdc     ACDC citizen network
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikisoc-eds     External eBook data sources via Summer of Code
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikisoc-gtk     OLPC GTK+ theme and improvements via Summer of Code
23 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisoc-oepc     One Encyclopedia Per Child tools via Summer of Code
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikistirme-activity     STIRME mesh elections activity
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-live     Sugar live usb distribution
0 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikisupercharger     Charging station for multiple XO batteries.
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikitamtam     Music and sound exploration for the OLPC
14 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitamtam-library     Data space for Tamtam activities
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitelehealth-db     A diagnosis aid and health database activity and library.
6 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiterminal-activity     Terminal / Shell Activity
6 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikitinderbox     OLPC system tinderbox
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikitrac-git     A git versioning backend for the Trac versioning system
0 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiturtleart-activity     Turtle Art activity
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikiubuntu-xen     Ubuntu Xen packages
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikiubuntu-xen-2.6.17     Ubuntu Xen packages for the 2.6.17 kernel
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiuruguay-ceibal     Uruguay/CEIBAL customizations ahd utilities
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiusbupgrade     USB upgrade script.
5 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikivideo-chat-activity     One-on-one video call activity.
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikivision-screening     Activities for vision screening (checking eye health)
10 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiwatch-listen     Watch and Listen project
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiwikibrowser     browser and synch tool for wikipedia and other online wikis
19 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiwikiosity     Wikipedia reading list generator
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiwikiserver     Server for wikipedia slices via compressed archives, based on wikipedia-iphone
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiwikislice     Wikipedia subsets and tools
6 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiwine-activities     Provides a virtual windows machine, powered
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiwordsearch     Word search puzzle game
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiwrite     AbiWord for OLPC
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikiwysiwyg     In-browser WYSIWYG editor for Yellow
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixo-get     A simple .xo-package installer / manager
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixo-quiz     Image Quiz-Game where questions are answered by clicking on the appropriate part of the image.
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-callhome     XS callhome scripts
0 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-config     XS configuration package
5 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-livecd     Anaconda based installer for XS school server
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-pkgs     List of XS packages for yum
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiqa-scripts    
2 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikisecurity     Bitfrost platform and other security work
1 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar     Sugar graphical shell
1 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-base     Sugar base
0 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-jhbuild     Sugar JHbuild repository
1 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-toolkit     Sugar toolkit
19 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-trial2     Sugar graphical shell
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugarize     This wrapper makes any normal single-window X program sugar-compatible.
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiusb8388     Blinkenlights for the XO. (install as /lib/firmware/usb8388.bin)
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiExperiments     Experimental scripts misc
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiTests     Repository for testing scripts and testing dumps
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiTurtleArtwithSensors     Turtle Art with Sensors Activity
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikigroupthink    
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-2.6-rpm     Build script and RPM bits for olpc-2.6
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisoundtracker     SoundTracker oldskool activity
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixaos     XaoS oldskool activity
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixf86-amd-devel     Bernie's AMD Geode LX/GX driver working tree
8 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiberts-script     Activity download and update script
0 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikidrupal    
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibrowse     Port of Browse to use WebKit instead of Gecko.
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilibrary-activity    
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiopendialect    
18 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiweb-content     Content library activity
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikijhautobuild    
20 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikikye-activity     Sugarized version of the Kye PyGTK puzzle game.
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimodular    
7 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiscreencast-activity    
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikisystemtap-olpc     OLPC systemtap build.
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikitesting-commitslist    
6 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikivino     Work on an MPX-aware version of Vino.
7 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiwords-activity    
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-rsync     Uruguay changes to /users/martin/xs-rsync
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikishell    
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiact-gui     Activation GUI and boot animation code.
5 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiact-server     Lease management server.
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiact-signer     Batch lease signing code.
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiactkey     Sources for the activation/collection USB stick.
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiautore     Sources for autoreinstallation image.
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibentham     Ivan's barcode scanner activation code.
17 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibittorrent-archive     BitTorrent fork with support for unix special files and owner/group/mode information.
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibootfw     Sources for the bootfw RPM, which contains the OFW version bundled with a build.
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikica     Certification Authority Management code.
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikichat-activity-tmp     Pippy-ized Chat activity (local repo).
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiclick2trans    
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiclock-activity-tmp     Pippy-ized clock activity (local repo).
5 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiconjunto-activity    
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiglibc-rdnss     glibc upstream cvs, imported into svn; also IPv6 rdnss patches thereto.
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiicon-draw-activity     Simple SVG editor activity for icons.
7 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikijournal2    
17 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilinux-2.6-rdnss     RDNSS-over-RA patches for the linux kernel.
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimeshtest     meshtest package sources: configure & run tests on meshtest XOs.
14 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimtd-20061007     mtd tools w/ support for secure flash rewrite.
8 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpcfs1     See http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Olpcfs
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpcrd     OLPC ramdisk builder, based on debian-installer
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpcrd-rootskel     Main codebase for OLPC initial ramdisk.
8 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikipinot    
6 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikipippy-examples     "Learn to program" examples for Pippy, based on BASIC examples in Commodore-64 user manual.
17 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiradvd-fix     Local bugfix branch of radvd IPv6 Router Advertisement tool.
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikirepos     Git archive of yum repositories used to make our builds.
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisecurity-tmp     Local copy of 'security' package, used for staging patches for upstream.
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-mcs-plugin     XFCE plugin to invoke the sugar control panel.
1 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-update-control     "Software Update" control panel for sugar.
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-xfce-control     Sugar control panel plugin to allow switching to XFCE desktop.
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitagcd    
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikitalks    
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiterminal-activity-tmp     Pippy-ized terminal activity (local repo).
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiupgrade-server     rsync wrapper for updates.laptop.org.
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikihyperactivity    
16 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikirpm-conf     Packs config tree roots for install.
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiejabberd-rpm     ejabberd-xs rpm
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiejabberd-tests     Scripts for testing and graphing ejabberd performance
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-activation     XS activation server.
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-activity-server     Serve activities to the laptops over http.
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-otp     pam_sotp passwords for XS
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-sounds     Sounds for the XS.
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikicafe-camera     CAFE camera driver
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikicafe-sd     CAFE SD driver delta
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-2.6-img     Script to create ext3 devel images w/ snapshot kernels
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-base-deb     Required core packages for an OLPC debian system.
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-nonfree     Marvell 8388 binary firmware (and potentially other non-free) blob.
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-nonfree-deb     Debian packaging for Marvell 8388 binary firmware blob.
23 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikipsmouse-split     psmouse driver split
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikisysprof    
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikitouchpad     Touchpad psmouse driver
11 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixf86-video-amd-deb     Debian packaging for OLPC's xorg geode driver.
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-2.6-rpm    
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-kernel     OLPC Kernel
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiPolicyKit-olpc    
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiXO-alt-distro    
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikikey-demon    
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimongolia-scraping    
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-licenses    
5 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-evince    
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-toolkit    
7 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar    
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikideveloper-console    
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixo-monitor     A PyGTK remote XO monitor
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitelepathy-synapse     Telepathy-synapse - Cerebro Connection Manager
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-image-tools    
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiscanning    
6 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikitodo     A command-line, directory-based todo list manager.
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikixodwm    
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-update    
5 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-verify-bundle    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikihyperactivity    
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikispeech     patches and scripts for integrating speech-dispatcher into sugar
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilibertastf     mac80211 driver for libertas thin firmware.
7 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiwireless-testing     Clone of wireless-testing
20 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibuildrom     Buildrom script
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikiswschedule     OLPC Taskjuggler schedule
6 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiitch-activity     Itch, an activity for the Scratch Sensor Board
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiseeec     Tool to examine the OLPC XO-1's Embedded Controller's state from Linux
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikiperf     Various performance work
2 yearsd.l.oproj  src  wikiemail-spec    
17 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikidocformat     OLPC markup spec (work in progress!)
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikids-backup    
14 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiinstaller    
13 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiradian    
17 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiedit-activity     Example of activity journal integration
5 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikihelp-activity    
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikijhbuild    
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-buildbot    
8 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-docs    
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-evince    
5 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-livecd    
5 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikisugar-tools    
5 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiweb-activity    
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikimoodle     XS branches - based on the Catalyst moodle-r2 gateway...
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiusbmount     Usbmount patched for Fedora
3 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-release     Fedora Spin brand identifiers for the OLPC School Server
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikixs-tools     Tools for the XS see XS-tools in wiki
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiforum    
5 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiNetworkManager    
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicrcimg    
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikigitedit     A web service for editing text files stored in Git repositories.
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiguppy    
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikihorizon     Horizon: Efficient Namespace Synchronization
0 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiirfs-udebs     Various custom initramfsen.
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilibrary    
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiminimal-activity     A minimal activity (the GTK "Hello World" example) in several languages.
7 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimkspeed    
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikimsutils    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikinss-rainbow    
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikioats     OLPC Anti-Theft Server
15 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiolpc-init     Prototype init-script for creating a VServer shadow context.
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikipandoc    
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiprovisioning    
5 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikipuritan    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikirelation     Naïve first-order relations.
4 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikirpm-packaging    
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisds    
6 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikisummarize-activity    
6 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitelepathy-cerebro    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitest-rainbow    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikitriagebot    
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikiutf8-string    
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiweb-wrapper     Thoughts on Browser isolation.
14 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixoboot     Pretty-boot animation renderer.
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixobots     xobots automated testing framework, inspired by http://pybots.org
No commitsd.l.oproj  src  wikizip-archive    
7 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiTabletAreaTest     Test activity for the Pen Tablet GTK widget. See http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Pen_Tablet_Support
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiaxon     Exploratory modifications of XoIRC.
6 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikisupport-scripts     Handy support scripts for various OLPC bits and bytes.
7 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiRobots.Activity     Robots.Activity
7 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiRobots     Robots-Pygame activity.
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikipython-allocstatsmodule    
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikibones    
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikikbdleds-driver     leds-olpc kernel driver
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikinetnandwrite     Allows you to write to NAND from an HTTP served image
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiannouncer     Build announcer v2
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikievince     New evince-olpc versions, based on svn v2752
9 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikievince-tile    
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiimageviewer-activity     Image viewer activity
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikilangpackgen     Language Pack Generator
2 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixkb2scim     XKB to m17n data generator
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikipython-nm-tests    
3 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiep-make    
10 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikicount-activity     Minimal spreadsheet based on gtk.TreeView.
12 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikijournal-activity    
6 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiNANDtest     NAND memory test scripts.
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikicodering     Simple cryptographic activity aimed at children.
8 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikifinance     Home financial software.
2 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikiwininstall     OLPC XO Software Environment installer for Windows.
8 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiyay-bee-see    
6 weeksd.l.oproj  src  wikicforth    
6 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikimulticast-nand     Multicast NAND reflasher that can boot directly from Open Firmware.
4 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikiXavier-activity     Xavier-activity is tender to Cerebro; it does 1) chat, 2) file-transfer, 3) a bidding game
2 daysd.l.oproj  src  wikiweb-activity     Web activity for Sugar
14 monthsd.l.oproj  src  wikixf86-amd-devel     This is not the X driver you are looking for
11 dayssugarlabsproj  src  wikiartwork     Sugar GTK theme and software artwork
1 dayssugarlabsproj  src  wikisugar     Sugar graphical shell
1 dayssugarlabsproj  src  wikisugar-base     Sugar base
0 dayssugarlabsproj  src  wikisugar-jhbuild     Sugar JHbuild
1 dayssugarlabsproj  src  wikisugar-toolkit     Sugar widget toolkit
8 weekssugarlabsproj  src  wikirinomina     Simple file renamer written in python and QT.
6 weekssugarlabsproj  src  wikisem    
5 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikitrek    
6 weekssugarlabsproj  src  wikibeagle-sugar    
3 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikibertos    
38 minsugarlabsproj  src  wikigeekigeeki    
11 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikiolpc-2.6-master     Bernie's OLPC kernel tree
6 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikiolpc-utils    
42 minsugarlabsproj  src  wikiwiki     Bernardo Innocenti's wiki home page
3 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikixaos    
5 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikia.m.o    
6 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikitrek    
6 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikibubble    
6 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikipacman    
9 monthssugarlabsproj  src  wikitesi    
3 weekssugarlabsproj  src  wikisjsb     Simple Joomla! 1.5.x / SMF 2.0.x bridge.
4 daysgoogleproj  src  wikiceibal-chess     A chess activity for Sugar
5 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiinferno-olpc     OLPC Packaging and Customizations for Inferno
16 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikitypewriter     The project idea is to develop a typing and language learning applicat...
18 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiopencds     OLPC Synchronised Presentation Activity (Application)
13 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikioficina     Oficina de Desenho Colaborativa - Drawing Activity
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiflashcards-brazil     OLPC Project
1 daysgoogleproj  src  wikifoodforce     FoodForce Game 2
?googleproj  src  wikigoogle-summer-of-code-2007-olpc     Code samples from students working with One Laptop Per Child for Googl...
3 daysgoogleproj  src  wikiiabv     Internet Archive Book Viewer
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikithailand     Distributed email delivery for the USC OLPC Hackathon (Team Thailand)
10 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiwordmix     A Boggle clone for the OLPC XO Laptop
3 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikisugarbot     OLPC Sugar GUI automation project
8 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikipyrobot     A Python interface to iRobot's Roomba and Create.
20 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiucla-picturebook     A picture book-writing application designed in Squeak and targeted to ...
4 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiolpc-edu     This project seeks to develop educational games for the OLPC.
2 weeksgoogleproj  src  wikisugar-sharp     Interface to manager OLPC device from Mono C# code
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikicadernodigital     Text editor with annotation support for OLPC Sugar
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikigreece-india     Mindmap authoring tool
2 weeksgoogleproj  src  wikirpiolpcs08     RPI students coding for the OLPC in Summer 2008
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikirpi-olpc     One Laptop Per Child @ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
7 daysgoogleproj  src  wikiolpctanks     A projectile-based tank game for the XO laptop. Being developed as an ...
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikigeomaps     Get a yahoo map using python as a scripting language
2 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikideducto     Deducto is a pattern matching game which challenges a person's logical...
17 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikieditor-musical     Editor Musical em python para os XOs da OLPC
?googleproj  src  wikigoogle-summer-of-code-2007-osuosl     Code samples from students working with Oregon State University Open S...
4 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikipython-dotconf     Parser for the dot.conf configuration file
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikixogcc     A GUI GCC activity for the OLPC XO-1
10 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikitimeolpc     A time application for the OPLC program
6 daysgoogleproj  src  wikimyopen     Myoelectric signal processing and pattern recognition for control.
16 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiimcactivity     Índice de Massa Córporeo
9 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiolpcpicture     picture book app for olpc
9 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiyoctopia     Yoctopia is a collection of web-based educational software.
8 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiolpc-utilities     Some useful scripts, etc., for the OLPC XO Laptop
17 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikimesh-one     Wireless Mesh Networking Technology
11 daysgoogleproj  src  wikimentefactos     OLPC Activity to increase children reading
3 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikipyndorama     Pyndorama is an educational game where anyone can construct adventures...
4 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiolpc-dhw     Didactic handwriting recgnizer for OLPC
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikigeoquiz     A geography quiz game for the OLPC
8 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiphilippines     Project for the USC OLPC Hackathon.
8 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiolpc-hello-world     OLPC HelloWorld application
17 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiblockgame     A python/pygame tetris-style game
4 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiedukt     Fast Content Multimedia Builder for Simple People
3 weeksgoogleproj  src  wikicharla-pygame     Una charla introductoria a pygame
6 weeksgoogleproj  src  wikiolpcatduke     Project repository for OLPC@Duke
13 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikireciclapy     An educational game with focus in the OLPC project where the children ...
2 yearsgoogleproj  src  wikijoossearch     Online virtual classrooms for educating the world
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikisealand     A remake of the classic Number Munchers game
9 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikipicturebook-olpc     Work on Dan Wexler's PictureBook application for the OLPC program
?googleproj  src  wikiamigo     Low Cost Robots for Education
7 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikimastergoal     Strategy board game inspired on soccer and chess
4 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikilisten-spell     A word game using speech-synthesis
4 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiinferno-tx     Inferno Texas - my personal branches of Inferno
18 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikisugar-choose-your-own-adventure     A web based choose your own adventure application built for the OLPC l...
2 weeksgoogleproj  src  wikisqueak-fedora     Package Squeak and EToys for Fedora and OLPC
15 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiqcmusical     A Game that you need put some pieces of music in order.
2 yearsgoogleproj  src  wikiolpc-texteditor     Text editor for OLPC
19 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiolpc-comics     Sandbox for a comic creator for OLPC
5 weeksgoogleproj  src  wikisocialcalc     SocialCalc is the Spreadsheet activity being developed for OLPC XO.
7 daysgoogleproj  src  wikilanguage-olpc     Language teach children other languages.
3 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikitic-tac-toe     Game for Plan ceibal OLPC
18 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikifacilhtml     Facil - HTML editor
3 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikigoogle-summer-of-code-2008-olpc     Code samples from students working with One Laptop per Child for Googl...
12 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikixomazegame     Maze Game for the XO Laptop
6 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikipyar-olpc     PyAr en la OLPC
21 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikistirme     STIR ME is a distributed voting system for the OLPC
7 weeksgoogleproj  src  wikipypegs     a bulls and cows game
8 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiolpccn     OLPC's cn support,base pipy creat Chinese tools
2 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiclubdeothello     Juego Multimedia basado en el Othello
22 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiwikiyetu     dvd based version of wikipedia
10 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikifoodman     OLPC Activity - Game to aid kids in developing countries to make wise ...
9 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikimath-xo     math, olpc, activity, sugar, learning, educative
3 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiolpcxo-russia     OLPC/XO Support in Russia
20 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikigasp     Graphics API for Students of Python
3 weeksgoogleproj  src  wikiceibal-sysox     Actividad que gestiona la información básica de la X0.
6 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiloopulator     A simple loop playing activity for the OLPC XO
5 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikipygame-camera     pygame modules to support v4l2 cameras and basic computer vision
5 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiredblue-croatia     USC Code for a Cause Hack-a-thon project.
21 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikipycon-olpc     OLPC work from PyCon attendants
13 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikijogodopiano     Jogo do Piano - Piano Game
3 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikixorus     OLPC/XO Support in Russia
16 monthsgoogleproj  src  wikiproject-olpc     summary
No commitsSFproj  src  wikiTreenix OLPC     Treenix is a Linux-based software tool for creating multiplayer animated games, as well as board games. OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child, which aims to provide children in developing countries with $100 laptops, all equipped with wireless networking.
11 monthsSFproj  src  wikiOLPC XO Tablet Redux Software     The goal is to turn an OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) laptop into a Media Consumption device (eBook/PDF/etc. reader, video and music player) with PDA functionality. Pen based with maybe voice input (blue sky). Wiki and Slideshow program
5 weeksSFproj  src  wikiPataPata     PataPata is an experiment to develop ideas taken from Squeak and HyperCard for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) using Jython and other JVM languages. Other inspirations include Augment, Design Science, eToys' constructivism and OLPC/Sugar's connectivism.
10 monthsSFproj  src  wikipyclic     pyclick is a port of jclic, an educational tool. The purpose of pyclic, is being able to use clic files in smaller platforms (like OLPC) without the need of java.
No commitsSFproj  src  wikiBoardwalk     Boardwalk is a software tool used for creating web-based multiplayer board games. Non-programmers can create drag-and-drop games, and programmers can add functionality using a scripting language. The target platform is the OLPC laptop (see laptop.org).
13 daysSFproj  src  wikiThéorie musicale/instruments de musique     This french python/gtk program for Linux and XO (OLPC) is a music software coming with a scales/chords catalog, displaying relations between scales/chords and pictures on how to play these on music instruments (piano, clarinet, guitar, harmonica).
9 monthsSFproj  src  wikiFoodMan     OLPC Game Activity. Objective of the game is to help kids in developing countries to make wise food choices. Game would be built using pygame and other olpc,sugar modules. Contribution is most welcome in any form (code, idea, documentation, etc).
No commitsSFproj  src  wikiHelp the Physically Challenged on OLPC     I'm physically challenged and type with a stick in my mouth. I acquired an OLPC with "Sugar" for learning purposes and I'm unable to do one finger typing as in Windows OS and Apple OS.
5 weeksSFproj  src  wikiSugar Live CD     A collection of scripts that build a live CD with the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) platform. This CD can be booted from any computer.No software needed to be installed.
6 monthsSFproj  src  wikiTe Tuhi Video Game System     Te Tuhi turns pictures of video games drawn on paper into games that you can play on the computer. It invents rules to suit the picture. The project aims to be inclusive, experimental, and modular, with one aim being a scaled down version for the OLPC.
6 monthsSFproj  src  wikiSugar OpenMSX     I am trying to port Openmsx to the OLPC XO laptop, so kids could play the educational games that were created for the platform
20 monthsSFproj  src  wikiLBdistro - easy LinuxBIOS building     LBdistro is a build environment to help developers to create LinuxBIOS system with applications inside, it is based on buildrom (used in OLPC).
No commitsSFproj  src  wikiProject AXIS     Name : Drag It. Programming Language: Python. Meant For : OLPC laptops. Genre : Games,Meant for kids. Project Goals : Improve student's perception,vocabulary and logical thinking.
11 monthsSFproj  src  wikiFiftyTwo     FiftyTwo is a collection of card games for the OLPC XO laptop specifically, though because it is written in Python, it should run on other platforms as well. For more details, see http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Games/FiftyTwo
No commitsSFproj  src  wikixo quiz     XO Quiz is an educational open source game for kids aged 6-14 on the olpc xo laptop. The main aim is to connect education, fun and features of the xo in as many ways as possible. More infos: http://www.olpcaustria.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=XO_Quiz
No commitsSFproj  src  wikiPyRobot     PyRobot? is a high-level Python interface, built on PySerial?, to iRobot's Roomba and Create. PyRobot? was originally created for this instructable for using the Create and an OLPC for telepresence.
No commitsSFproj  src  wikiSocial Gnome     Social Gnome is a peer to peer social networking utility designed to mimic and expand on the functionality of the OLPC project sugar system. Included will be file and app transfer, social tools similar to social networking sites.
No commitsSFproj  src  wikiMicropolis - SimCity source code     Original Creator -> http://www.donhopkins.com Original SimCity projects by Don Hopkins: http://www.art.net/~hopkins/Don/simcity/index.html from: http://www.donhopkins.com/drupal/node/130 GPL Open Source Code of OLPC SimCity to be called Micropolis
No commitsSFproj  src  wikiSlackwareOLPC     Port of the Slackware distribution for the machine of project OLPC. It has as objective to substitute the Fedora as distribution of the official project.
No commitsSFproj  src  wikilapWiki     A lightweight wiki intended for the OLPC project. Emphasis on lightness and easy transportation of 'books' between wikis whilst keeping it simple.
No commitsSFproj  src  wikiLanguage Tools on Low Power Computers     This project provides a language development software suite that will run optimally on computer hardware that draws very little power (currently targeting the OLPC/MIT laptop), making it possible to be used consistently in remote environments.
10 monthsgithubproj  src  wikipoll-builder     OLPC Activity
8 monthsgithubproj  src  wikihttpactivity     A base class for HTTP based activities for the OLPC laptop
7 monthsgithubproj  src  wikisugar-gtktest     OLPC Hello World PyGTK application
7 monthsgithubproj  src  wikionepagewiki     OnePageWiki Activity for the OLPC XO Laptop
2 monthsgithubproj  src  wikidocuca     A portal to share information about OLPC's Brazil project called Projeto UCA
4 monthsgithubproj  src  wikicodex-sample1     A sample activity for the OLPC Sugar interface
8 daysgithubproj  src  wikixoos     OLPC XO Operating System (well -- bits and pieces at least)
9 daysgitoriousproj  src  wikibridge     Bridge is a Sugar Activity for OLPC XOs designed to teach the basics of mechanical engineering through building a bridge across a ravine.
?gitoriousproj  src  wikix20     A simple, logic-based Python game built for the OLPC.
5 weeksgitoriousproj  src  wikihablar-con-sara     HablarConSara es un derivado de la Actividad Hablar (Speak Activity), que integra un agente conversacional.
3 weeksgitoriousproj  src  wikiolpc-xo-qemu     xo-qemu is a script for downloading, managing, and running One Laptop Per Child QEMU disk images on linux.
wikiproj  src  wikiABC Flower     A hangman game.
wikiproj  src  wikiAcoustic Tape Measure    
wikiproj  src  wikiActivity Template    
wikiproj  src  wikiAnalyze     Analyze is an Activity that displays your XO's networking, X (graphical) display, and presence service status. It is useful to developers and end-users as an easy way for users to monitor and submit data for monitoring/debugging networking/X issues.
wikiproj  src  wikiAssimilate    
wikiproj  src  wikiAsteroids     Based on the Asteroids port to pygame. See http://www.pygame.org/project/506/.
wikiproj  src  wikiBabel    
wikiproj  src  wikiBerkeley Logo    
wikiproj  src  wikiBerkeley logo     An interpreter for the Logo programming language.
wikiproj  src  wikiBiology (collection)    
wikiproj  src  wikiBlock Party    
wikiproj  src  wikiBookBeaming    
wikiproj  src  wikiBounce    
wikiproj  src  wikiBridge    
wikiproj  src  wikiBrowse    
wikiproj  src  wikiCOBBLE    
wikiproj  src  wikiCalc-42S    
wikiproj  src  wikiCalculate    
wikiproj  src  wikiCandy    
wikiproj  src  wikiCartoon Builder    
wikiproj  src  wikiCell Management    
wikiproj  src  wikiChat    
wikiproj  src  wikiClassroom Presenter    
wikiproj  src  wikiClock activity    
wikiproj  src  wikiColingoXO    
wikiproj  src  wikiColors!    
wikiproj  src  wikiComic Maker    
wikiproj  src  wikiConnect    
wikiproj  src  wikiConozco Uruguay    
wikiproj  src  wikiDOS Emulator    
wikiproj  src  wikiDecorate    
wikiproj  src  wikiDeducto    
wikiproj  src  wikiDetect motion    
wikiproj  src  wikiDevelop    
wikiproj  src  wikiDoom    
wikiproj  src  wikiDrGeo    
wikiproj  src  wikiEASE    
wikiproj  src  wikiEPals    
wikiproj  src  wikiEditor Musical    
wikiproj  src  wikiEduKT    
wikiproj  src  wikiEtoys    
wikiproj  src  wikiExecCommand     This utility is targeted at experienced Linux/Unix users who hope to feel more at home with the XO. On launch, this activity either launches a predefined Unix command (you have to edit the script contained in the activity), or starts an graphical dialog and queries the user for what command to run. Useful for starting vncviewer or xmms.
wikiproj  src  wikiFACIL    
wikiproj  src  wikiFinance    
wikiproj  src  wikiFirefox    
wikiproj  src  wikiFlickr Slideshow    
wikiproj  src  wikiFlipsticks    
wikiproj  src  wikiFood ForceII    
wikiproj  src  wikiFrotz     This activity is a wrapper around the Unix port of [http://frotz.homeunix.org/frotz/ Frotz], which is an interpreter for Infocom games and other Z-machine games. It includes one game, the classic [http://www.rickadams.org/adventure/ Adventure]. You can download more games here: [[Frotz/Games]].
wikiproj  src  wikiGBrainy    
wikiproj  src  wikiGCompris    
wikiproj  src  wikiGambiarra    
wikiproj  src  wikiGames/FiftyTwo     FiftyTwo is a set of card games, such as Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Hearts, Solitaire, and maybe eventually games like Eucher or Spades.
wikiproj  src  wikiGeoquiz    
wikiproj  src  wikiGmail     A Gmail activity that launches Gmail from the frame.
wikiproj  src  wikiGuido van Robot    
wikiproj  src  wikiHablarConSara    
wikiproj  src  wikiHelix media activity    
wikiproj  src  wikiHelloMesh    
wikiproj  src  wikiHelp    
wikiproj  src  wikiHorseGame    
wikiproj  src  wikiISIS    
wikiproj  src  wikiImage Viewer    
wikiproj  src  wikiImplode    
wikiproj  src  wikiInferno    
wikiproj  src  wikiInterview     An activity for recording an interview with someone else using an XO. It works with the built-in camera and mic or with an external microphone. This is currently being developed in coordination with the OurStories project to make the XO an effective tool for recording stories.
wikiproj  src  wikiJigsaw Puzzle    
wikiproj  src  wikiJogo do Piano    
wikiproj  src  wikiJoke Machine    
wikiproj  src  wikiJournal    
wikiproj  src  wikiKuku    
wikiproj  src  wikiLambda    
wikiproj  src  wikiLicense     An interactive licensing module that allows laptop users to decide upon a license for the content they create. Using iconic, comic book style documentation (see Sharing Creative Works below), the activity is designed to educate children and parents about Creative Commons' licensing options.
wikiproj  src  wikiLog    
wikiproj  src  wikiLove test    
wikiproj  src  wikiMaMaMedia Creative Center    
wikiproj  src  wikiMaMaMedia Learning Center    
wikiproj  src  wikiMagic Maze    
wikiproj  src  wikiMap    
wikiproj  src  wikiMaze    
wikiproj  src  wikiMeasure    
wikiproj  src  wikiMemorize    
wikiproj  src  wikiMesh Board    
wikiproj  src  wikiMicropolis    
wikiproj  src  wikiMikMik    
wikiproj  src  wikiMini vMac    
wikiproj  src  wikiModel    
wikiproj  src  wikiMonkeysMemory    
wikiproj  src  wikiMoon    
wikiproj  src  wikiMusic Jigsaw    
wikiproj  src  wikiMusical Editor     The Musical Editor is a musical software that allows children to learn how to develop their own compositions.
wikiproj  src  wikiNES    
wikiproj  src  wikiNew Activity Name    
wikiproj  src  wikiNews Reader    
wikiproj  src  wikiOld Develop activity    
wikiproj  src  wikiOur Stories    
wikiproj  src  wikiPaint    
wikiproj  src  wikiPanorama    
wikiproj  src  wikiPhysics    
wikiproj  src  wikiPhysics    
wikiproj  src  wikiPippy    
wikiproj  src  wikiPlayGo    
wikiproj  src  wikiPoblano    
wikiproj  src  wikiPoll Builder    
wikiproj  src  wikiPower activity    
wikiproj  src  wikiProduce Puzzle     The object of the game is to solve a system of equations with unknowns represented by fruits.
wikiproj  src  wikiProjects/Typing Turtle    
wikiproj  src  wikiProjects/foodforce2    
wikiproj  src  wikiPush to Talk    
wikiproj  src  wikiQuebra-Cabeca Musical    
wikiproj  src  wikiRead    
wikiproj  src  wikiRead Etexts    
wikiproj  src  wikiRecord    
wikiproj  src  wikiReport    
wikiproj  src  wikiReversi    
wikiproj  src  wikiRoadMap    
wikiproj  src  wikiRollcats    
wikiproj  src  wikiRoswwel    
wikiproj  src  wikiRuler    
wikiproj  src  wikiSample activity    
wikiproj  src  wikiSchoolsplay    
wikiproj  src  wikiScratch     TODO! An easy-to-learn, multimedia programming language in which you snap together colorful command blocks
wikiproj  src  wikiSimCity    
wikiproj  src  wikiSimpleRPG     A simple game intended to be used as a tutorial on building a client-server RPG-style game with Pygame.
wikiproj  src  wikiSlider Puzzle    
wikiproj  src  wikiSocialCalc     A Javascript-based spreadsheet.
wikiproj  src  wikiSonata     The Sonata activity combines a musicpd (mpd) daemon and the Sonata pygtk frontend in one bundle. To the user the activity appears to be a basic mp3/ogg/flac player.
wikiproj  src  wikiSpace Tag    
wikiproj  src  wikiSpeak    
wikiproj  src  wikiSpray Play     Spray Play is a Crossfire-like game in which players shoot objects in the middle of the playing area with small pellets to push it into their opponent's side.
wikiproj  src  wikiStarChart    
wikiproj  src  wikiStopwatch    
wikiproj  src  wikiStory Builder    
wikiproj  src  wikiSword read    
wikiproj  src  wikiTalknType    
wikiproj  src  wikiTamTam    
wikiproj  src  wikiTerminal    
wikiproj  src  wikiTurtle Art    
wikiproj  src  wikiTurtle Art with Sensors     A version of Turtle Art that supports sensor input
wikiproj  src  wikiTyping Turtle    
wikiproj  src  wikiVideo Chat    
wikiproj  src  wikiView Slides    
wikiproj  src  wikiViricide    
wikiproj  src  wikiVisual Acuity    
wikiproj  src  wikiWikiBrowse     Wikibrowse is a self-contained wiki server.
wikiproj  src  wikiWikiBrowse (old)    
wikiproj  src  wikiWordsearch    
wikiproj  src  wikiWrite    
wikiproj  src  wikiX Activity    
wikiproj  src  wikiX2o    
wikiproj  src  wikiXOlympics    
wikiproj  src  wikiXaoS    
wikiproj  src  wikiXo-get/Xo-get-gtk    
wikiproj  src  wikiXoIRC