olpc xo-1 b-test-4 radio range, extreme range


Two units were separated by 6.3km, at one end on the top of a mountain, but they were not able to communicate with each other, probably due to Fresnel Effect.





Not an appropriate test range, due to fresnel effect and terrain obstruction, or due to excessive 2.4GHz noise from nearby cities.

Also, since quozl-7 was transported with lid closed, it might not have recovered properly from suspend or standby. Need more information on the current recovery behaviour.

Took a few pictures with the Record activity.


Photographs by Tanya

(740kbyte, contributed, XO appears twice, background changed to ease viewing)

Photographs by XO B4

Facing north, Bluff Mountain on the left, Siding Spring Observatory was visible on the horizon on the right between the two smaller peaks.

Facing west, towards quozl-8 on the ladder, 6.3km away.

Facing east, the peak there is Tonduran Spire, but has had other names

Facing south, tester on left, Tanya and Rob were walkers discovered during the test, Tooraweenah behind them, with the Dilly hills south of Tooraweenah.