The power used by the laptop, measured at the DC input, is: 0.000 W

The laptop power distribution is:

NamePower NamePower NamePower
Batt Input1709.5 mW
VIn Rail12.7 mW
Vmem32.0 mW
Vtt-0.0 mW
Vtt ineff-0.0 mW
+1.2V0.0 mW
+1.2V ineff0.0 mW
Vcore in3.7 mW
Vcore0.2 mW
Vcore ineff3.5 mW (5 % efficient)
LCD Analog182.9 mW
+1.8V437.8 mW
LCD +1.8V27.7 mW
DCON +1.8V83.9 mW
WLAN +1.8V295.3 mW
+1.8V Other30.9 mW
+3.3V163.4 mW
DCON 3.3V0.3 mW
DCON 2.5V47.9 mW
+2.5V ineff15.3 mW
Touchscreen73.3 mW
WLAN +3.3V47.8 mW
+3.3V Other-26.2 mW
+5V6.6 mW
+3.3VSUS25.4 mW
Backlight739.7 mW
VIn Other-1578.8 mW

DCIn V voltage is: 0.0062 V

VBat V voltage is: 6.6951 V

VIn V voltage is: 6.6628 V

Vcore V voltage is: 0.9987 V

Instrumentation file: cl2_c2.csv
Measurement date: 04/03/12 15:58:01