The power used by the laptop, measured at the DC input, is: 0.982 W

The laptop power distribution is:

NamePower NamePower
Backlight3.0 mW
LCD A0.5 mW
USB +1.8V0.7 mW
+5V31.9 mW
DDR +1.5V152.7 mW
+1.2V0.1 mW
DDR VTT11.7 mW
+1.5V other140.9 mW
Vcore in429.5 mW
Vcore390.0 mW
Vcore ineff39.5 mW (91 % efficient)
+3.3V142.8 mW
LVDS6.3 mW
LCD D-0.1 mW
USB +3.3V14.5 mW
+3.3V other122.1 mW
other220.7 mW

Vin voltage is: 7.4555 V

Vcore voltage is: 1.3473 V

Instrumentation file: cl3_a1.csv
Measurement date: 04/09/12 16:06:13