The power used by the laptop, measured at the DC input, is: 4.697 W

The laptop power distribution is:

NamePower NamePower NamePower NamePower
Vin4376.7 mW
Vcore in1495.2 mW
Vcore out1335.7 mW
Vcore ineff.159.5 mW (89 % efficient)
+3.3VSUS in57.0 mW
+3.3VSUS out50.5 mW
+3.3VSUS ineff.6.5 mW (89 % efficient)
Vmem in265.7 mW
Vmem out183.2 mW
Vterm out31.1 mW
VMEM ineff.51.4 mW (81 % efficient)
+1.8V in524.6 mW
+1.8V out476.9 mW
+1.8V ineff.47.7 mW (91 % efficient)
EC +3.3V41.9 mW
+3.3V in391.6 mW
+3.3V out355.0 mW
+3.3V ineff.36.6 mW (91 % efficient)
+5V in289.0 mW
+5V out265.0 mW
+5V USB232.3 mW
+5V ineff.24.1 mW (92 % efficient)
DC Other319.9 mW (93 % efficient)

DC Input voltage is: 12.2007 V

Vin voltage is: 7.4924 V

Vcore voltage is: 1.3606 V

Instrumentation file: cl2_a3.csv
Measurement date: 06/09/11 14:59:45